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What is Cencom?

Cencom is a database that has a searchable list of research projects and allows a Chief Investigator of a project to govern who has access to CAM:IDE research systems on their project.

 These include access to projects on:

  • REDCap – an online tool that allows you to easily create online surveys and research databases and allows storage and archiving of research data.
  • HPHI – a university datacentre that provides access to computing resources and large storage areas.
  • R-Studio – an online analysis tool that can be accessed through a browser and can pull data from REDCap.
  • The Safe Haven – a university resource where you can hold sensitive and identifiable information on participants.
  • XNAT - which holds stores imaging data such as MRI and PET scan data.

This allows us to locate where research data is stored, even after the researchers involved have left. It also allows members of the department to search on what research and data is currently been collected, and what has already been collected.

Welcome To CenCom

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